Sadie Cross

Radiation Therapist

While in technical terms, her job is “radiation therapist,” Sadie likes to refer to her job as “cancer killer.” Sadie realized she loved oncology after visiting Rocky Mountain Oncology in Casper, and worked in radiation therapy for two years in Montana before moving to Laramie. Her favorite part of her job is the patient interactions. Because many radiation patients visit the center daily, Sadie really gets to know them. It amazes her time and time again how thankful her patients are. Even though they are going through one of the hardest experiences of their lives, Sadie is always in awe at how upbeat, positive, and grateful her patients are for the treatment they receive at the center. It inspires her and makes her job that much more rewarding. In her free time, Sadie likes to go home and help out on her family ranch in Torrington, hunt, fish, and country western dance.