Peggy Allred

Executive Physician Assistant

After more than a decade with Wyoming Oncology, Peggy Allred’s list of responsibilities has grown significantly. She began her career working at the front desk and after interacting with hundreds of patients, she became so passionate about her work that she began taking on additional responsibilities. Eventually, this evolved into a new position, Executive Assistant to Physicians. While her duties are constantly evolving, they all contribute to her ultimate goal of enabling physicians to provide the best care for patients. Peggy handles case notes, scribes for Dr. Tobin, interviews patients, and coordinates their appointments. As a detail-oriented person, she assumes patients’ burden of logistics and scheduling so they can focus on healing and maintaining their health. She understands that cancer is not a patient’s identity. Instead, patients are fathers, mothers, sons and daughters and cancer is just one component of their lives. She works to fulfill her intrinsic motivation of treating each patient like her family.