Through our Casper location at Rocky Mountain Oncology, we are proud to offer Optune, an innovative treatment for glioblastoma.

What is Optune?

Optune is a device designed to treat glioblastoma in patients who have exhausted all chemotherapy and surgery options.

How does Optune work to treat cancer?

Optune works by using Tumor Treating Fields, frequency-specific, low-intensity alternating electric fields that interrupt cancer cell structures during cell division. These fields, over time, can cause cancer cells to die. Optune generally spares and does not harm healthy, normal non-dividing brain cells. The device uses a series of transducer arrays that are placed on the head. These arrays are connected to the device itself, which can be carried comfortably in the accompanying carrying case.

How long is treatment?

In order for the Optune device to effectively work, it must be worn at least 18 hours a day by patients at home. The length of treatment depends on a multitude of factors, but will last for at least four weeks. Your provider will discuss treatment length with you.

What are the side effects associated with Optune?

Mild to moderate skin irritation is the most common device-related side effect with Optune. The irritation is easily managed and reversed. Other side effects may occur, and for more information on Optune and side effects, visit the Optune website.

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