Kara Frizell

Financial Counselor

The financial impacts of cancer can feel as overwhelming as the physical ones for some patients. Rocky Mountain Oncology’s number one priority is always the overall wellness and care of patients, so their Financial Counselor Kara Frizell’s responsibility is to ensure that finances and insurance never distract a patient from recovery. She educates patients on how their insurance coverage works, then discusses their financial obligations and finds a way to make this manageable in a variety of ways. Rocky Mountain Oncology does not charge interest, so Kara is able to work with patients to create practical payment plans. Often times this means using outside resources like Medicare or other income-based programs that offer financial assistance for cancer patients. Kara will fight on behalf of patients for enrollment in these programs, and she handles the application process and other paperwork so patients can focus on their treatment. Kara’s guidance may begin when a patient is referred, but it lasts well after treatment ends. Rocky Mountain Oncology knows that financial recovery is a part of survivorship, and patients will be comforted to know that they never have to fear collectors here because they work with Kara.